What does it say?


All that summer there had been a nagging, fretting wind

so that, even on the clearest days, visitors on the beach had huddled behind wind breaks

left early because of the fine sand

rasped and scarified bare burnt skin.

While the anxious surf sucked and sighed

In a tumbling tin shed in the corner of a field above the dunes,

Beneath the crackling humming pylons

Buried behind barbed wire and brambles

Eamon Porktraddle wrestles with a bigger problem 

Driven mad by the broken ring pull on his last can of Special Brew

Driven mad by the corrugated banging in the wind

Driven into darkness by the pictures he is seeing in his head

Driven into darkness by the visions he seeing on the screen in front of him

Dreams of life and death

And everything in between

Something just out of reach

Like the Special Brew inside its can

Something is fundamentally worng


Newton Einstein  Heisenberg Heineken

  Newton Heineken Heisenberg Einstein 

Heineken Heisenberg Einstein Newton

Heinekin Brexit Trump and Putin

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