The last day on earth of Eamon Porktraddle chronicled through poetry, noise and song

Porktraddle's Last Fart

The last day on earth of Eamon Porktraddle is chronicled through poetry, noise and song. Porktraddle battles with his own nihilistic tendencies, his flatulence and the mermaids who inhabit his head. Who is Porktraddle? Nuclear Scientist? Spy? Philosopher, walking methane generator or general nuisance? He is determined to try one last experiment with the world. How does the shenanigans of the town council’s leader Gloria lead him to accepting what is happening to him as he battles the town band and launches himself into the cosmos at the end, job accomplished.

This latest event by leading poet and playwright Peter John Cooper with a cast of actors, musicians and soundscapers who have been brought together in this celebration of the infinite specially made for BEAF  on the 6th may 2018

The audience is invited to bring rugs and cushions and sit or lie soaking up the atmosphere of the performance in the studio of The Factory Haviland Road Boscombe.

WARNING: There is a bit of swearing but nothing more than you’d hear if you stayed in to watch the tele. .And probably no nudity.

“… a brilliant poet delivering his poems with tremendous energy.”

“His performance is manic and majestic”

“Cheerful nihilism.”

There is a thoughtful and positive review here:

The Great Experiment that you can take part in.

At the end of the performance we asked you to register anything here that you felt echoed something you heard or saw.  It might be a news broadcast, an overheard conversation on a bus, a dream, a TV programme.  Whatever it is, make a brief note of what you heard or saw and, particularly, the time and date.

It may even remind you of something in the past.

Send as many observations as you like, as often as you like. It would be really useful if you continued doing this after a few days or weeks or even months. Keep those observations coming and we will include them all on the Blog Page.

One day they may all make sense.

Thank you